We have 35 years of expertise in accounting & controls for restaurants and bars.

Let us make you more money with our unique approach to your books.

Our Professional Services Platform provides bookkeeping, consulting, and tax services from our Hospitality-specific CPA Service Group. The use of efficient bookkeeping and financial controls ensures your company runs smoothly with an eye for growth.

Data, statements, and projections are all vital financial figures that a business must have on-hand for sound business performance and decision making. We make sure all things related to the industry are covered like:

  • Work opportunity credits
  • Tip reporting
  • Management of Section 179 depreciation
  • 15 yr life on qualified tenant improvements
  • De minimis safe harbor for purchases and certain repairs

Recover the cost of doing business and maintain the highest possible margins. We know the rules and advise you accordingly.

Serving greater Seattle and the eastside

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